kegs to go

Friendly reminder that kegs need to be returned within 90 days of purchase to be refunded your keg deposit. 

You’ve picked up your keg from Dru Bru (woohoo!) It is now your responsibility to handle this keg properly. In order to ensure the highest quality of our beer we recommend these following steps. 


  1. Keep your keg cold at all times; do not allow your keg to get over 50°F. To ensure the best experience, chill your keg before tapping to at or below 42°F. If your keg is served above 42°F, the beer will likely pour very foamy.
  2. To chill your keg: Surround your entire keg with ice for at least 4 hours prior to your event. If you keg was allowed to warm to temperatures above 50°F, chill your keg on ice for 24 hours prior to your event. 
  3. Periodically replace the ice as it melts.

Phase 2: TAPPING

  1. Watch this video for instructions on the proper keg tapping techniques. 
  2. If using a hand pump tap you should consume your keg within 24 hours of tapping.  Hand pumps use air to pressurize a keg (rather than C02) which will allow the beer to decarbonate after 24 hours. 
  3. If using a C02 draft system the regulator should be set at 8-12 psi (depending on the temperature your kegerator is set at). Kegs on a C02 draft system should be consumed within 90 days for best results. 

Phase 3: POURING

  1. Do not pump for the first few pints. You only have to push down on the nozzle because there should be enough pressure in your keg to pour your first beers.
  2. Pour out your first pour of beer foam so the flavor is not disrupted by non-harmful sanitizer residue in your pump.
  3. The perfect pour should take about 6-8 secs to fill a 16oz. cup. You will need to pump your keg a few times periodically if the flow of the beer slows down.ONLY pump when the flow rate slows!!! You do not need to pump before every pour.  Don’t over pump otherwise you will make your foamy. Set any foam aside and let the next few beers pour and settle out. Enjoy!
  4. Quick Tricks: If the flow is slow, start with about 4-5 pumps and check the flow rate. If the beer trickles out very slowly you haven’t pumped enough
  5. If you pump too much, your beer will blast out pure foam. 
  6. Note: To minimize the head you must tilt your cup at a 45° angle as you first fill. This allows the beer to roll around the cup as it pours. As your glass fills, return it to a vertical position.

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